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Effective Methods of Event Management

Effective Methods of Event Management INTRODUCTION Event management is the request of project management to the conception and development of festival, an event and meeting. Event organization involves studying the workings of brand, identifying the aim audience, and coordinating the technological aspects before really the target modalities of the planned event. Events and festivals such as valentines even, have a crash in some communities. Its a career which requires investment and creativity. Today many shows are there are one on TV is prepared by event managing. The clients come to the event management with an unclear idea in mind it is totally up to the event manager to work on the idea and turn it into a truth. Event could be whatever thing from concerts, product launches, wedding, or parties. Additional, enters this pasture has to first join as a learner. Event management is practice configured based on clients requirements. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD is best event for start an event organization company. Furthermore, we make available, in addition to the ability to activate in Malaysia plus in many other countries. Our team has at all times been lead with a passion for staying at the forefront of the skill that we create that only engage the audience but endure long after the curtain have come down. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD provides closing stages-to end services for meetings, convention as well as conferences also. MAIN BODY Question 1 Assuming that you want to establish an event management company. Identify the form of organization structure that you would apply for your new company and justify your answers PYRAMID EVENT (M) SDN BHD Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD willpower establishes soon in Penang, April 2011. We try a non stop events management company that supply the best perform of project management to the conception and development of creative and out of the box events. Furthermore, as an event management business we scope encompass all creative and technical of the event depending on the clients needs knowledge and budget. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD will be leading company in Penang by, providing quality, unique and cost-effective events to public. Than we steady introduction of new trends, to integrated events solutions. As a Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD company that supplies the most excellent practice of project management to the formation plus development of creative and out of the box events. As going to establish an event Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD scope encompasses all original and technical of the event depending on the clients wants expertise and budget. Furthermore, our mission is to be a centre of event management quality where creativity and class is the epitome and heartbeat of the organization and vision is not only showing in what we have done but also in what will distribute to satisfy our customer. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD is committed to achieve success for clients by applying the full power of communication as an extension of business oddly and execution. Although, for purpose day be worrying enough without having to be anxious whether the cateress are going to turn up on time. As an event management we have time and links to make sure the events run gratefully in future. (REFER FIGURE: 1) PYRAMID EVENT (M) SDN BHD ORGANIZATION CHART Merchandising Official Promotion Equipment Venue Program Hospitality Director An individual or obsession with the purpose of directs one of grouping of people who direct the dealings of a trade or else a person who is in accuse of the manufacture event. As a director of Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD has most important job for the harmonization, expansion, planning, completing as well as also grasp up category of events. Event captivating position at an exact location otherwise may obtain place on-line or might be a mixture of in cooperation. For example, as a director of Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD, has tactical for identify along with rising events to support and expand in present area represent by member and in original market too. Such as, winning release on the objectives of this position has a director crash on the act plus aptitude to bring on supplementary planned and prepared goals. Furthermore, be supposed to be expecting to increase skill in management and agenda organization as well as exact managerial aspect and completion of an event. Merchandising Merchandising as frequently old in advertising plus means the endorsement of products sale, as through coordinate making and advertising and rising advertising, display, along with sales strategy to add to retail sales. The preparation caught up in advertising the correct goods or services on the right put, at the point in time, in the right quantity. Promotional sale actions of an advertisers sales strength, retailer otherwise dealer as well as marketing toward demonstrate a manufactured goods or services in a positive glow as a result so as to it will be purchase by the commerce community and the intense community. As soon, we will establish Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD we contain expert in this part. As event management company we determination use a plenty of equipment such as, computer, radio, electricity to do our event management. Program Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD will be a good way for customer to interact plus well known their wants. A listing of the order of events and other pertinent information for a public presentation. Programmer usually a set of plans to develop or improve something. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD welcoming public to our event. As an event management company we do many types of programs. For example, we do wedding dinner, canopy services, birthday function, school and public function and extra. To do this programmed event management use different types of skills. Hospitality Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD contains skilled in our employees to show and make sure every one the customers, VIPs, and representative go residence by way of a cheery face. This is extremely important for our Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD status. This it self will decide on how the client willpower hold up us. So far we have probable about 500customers to the event management, so we are prepare beverages and delicacy on behalf of our customer. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD has known the tender to Ananda Bhavan catering services to obtain care of that. They are to supply us with 2types of drinks along with 4types of food and 1type of fruits. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD be charitable gone free balloons along with ice creams to small childrens. Venue Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD having this event in spot at centre of City. We prefer this site because of its planned location in the city. Furthermore, we polished our time at 9am until 10pm. Its to make sure that our client has the occasion to create it following they come to an end their work. As well as we are doing it on Saturday and Sunday grounds the majority of the family would similar to go out on this day for does their purchasing. So those, Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD provide them an option of place to visit. And we be capable of be sure that they determination include a good day at what time they visit our event in soon. Equipment As an event management company we use many types of equipment for our events. Such as, video organization, chair, table, DVD player, to do our event. These equipments we will use for do our Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD. Promotion Promotion is the best part of business. Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD used 3D signage for attract customers. We will do promotion twice a year to inform the customers about our products. Furthermore, we supply and create of live entertainment demonstrate and interactive action intended for invite customers. We have advertised our Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD Company in Star Sun Metro, Nanban, and Berita Harian newspapers. Other than, our staff distributes flyers to public who pass by the road. Official We will invite VIP Datuk Subramani for launch the Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD Company. And most of the official comes for this event, so we must make sure that everything is done smoothly by arranging perfect sitting place for them and guide them with our staff. CONCLUSION We consider in provided that superiority and resourceful services as soon as it comes to our customers. In arrange to maintain up by way of a more and more competitive market, we supply an extensive variety of services to our convince. As affirmation of our determination to become the premier marketing and event specialist. As a Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD we like to improve our event management company to international trade. Furthermore, an event companies we consider that a long-term feeling is what public keep in mind the most in addition to the best ever. Therefore, Pyramid Event (M) SDN BHD does our greatest to distribute an impressive occasion that determination leave our visitors with unforgettable moment and our consumers with winning measures in future. INTRODUCTION Sea Food Restaurant was formed on 14 April 2010. Owner of Sea Food Restaurant is Mr.Lim. For now, Sea Food Restaurant Operate in Parit Buntar, Perak area only. Since one year Sea Food Restaurant provide good foods to customers. In this restaurant got seven employees include server, cleaner, and also cook. Their all so help full to Mr.Lim for run his business successfully. Mr.Lim runs his Sea Food Restaurant in local area only. In future he plans to run his business to international trade. For his business Mr.Lim used some equipment to run his business successfully. For example, table, chair, fan, and air coned, freeze and some more. The purposes of Mr.Lim choose Sea Food Restaurant is foods very important to all human being. So that, Mr.Lim proud be to establish foods to customers. Mr.Lim runs this Sea Food Restaurant business with his wife. Mr.Lim gives salary to the employees based on their working skill. For example, for cooks his salary and serves salary are totally different. Since one year Sea Food Restaurant successfully run in local. Mr.Lim faced alots of troubles to achieve a successful restaurant. Furthermore, working hour to employees is 10am-10pm in weekends. MAIN BODY Question 2 Interview a small local business proprietor in your area. Briefly identify the nature of the business and come up with a SWOT Analysis for the business. Attach the interview questionnaires with the report. WHAT IS SWOT ANALYSIS SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats where this strategic planning uses for project or in a business venture. We be supposed to be well-known that when identify moreover classify related factors, the focus is not in a minute on interior matter, but also exterior mechanism. The mechanism could crash the winner of the plan. Green factor interior to the solid frequently can be confidential as strengths or weakness. Although external to the firm know how to be off the record while opportunities or threats. So that this all factors referred as SWOT analysis. Based on Strengths in SWOT analysis is individuality or attribute surrounded by the group that is measured to be central to the carrying out plus ultimate success of the project. Next is, Weakness. The nonappearance of convinced strengths possibly will be view as a weakness. An example is, each is considered as weakness is lack of patent protection. In some cases, a weakness may be the flip side of strength. The third arrangement of factor in the SWOT analysis is Opportunities. This categorization has to perform with outside elements with the purpose of will prove supportive for income and growth. In SWOT analysis classifies in last is Threats. Here, exterior factors to could intimidate the achievement of the project are listed and address change in the exterior ecological as well could there threats to the solid. This all method called as SWOT analysis. WHY USE SWOT ANALYSIS The complete end of responsibility a SWOT Analysis is to assist you recognize the majority valuable target and strategy to follow right now base on your present circumstances, plus to recognize strategies so as to will help you get ready for the prospect. In any business, analysis forces a purpose investigation of a companys location via its participant and the marketplace. SWOT Analysis is an extremely capable way of recognize your Strengths and Weaknesses plus of exploratory the Opportunities and Threats you face. Carrying out an analysis by the SWOT structure determination assist you to focus your behavior keen on areas where you are physically powerful, and where the greatest opportunities recline. Your activities into areas wherever you are burly, along with where the maximum plus of investigative the Opportunities and Threats you features. Based on these SWOT analysis had questionnaires a small local business proprietor Mr.Lim who is the owner of Sea Food Restaurant. ELEMENTS OF SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Based on strengths I had five questionnaires. First is, Mr.Lim able to be innovating his Sea Food Restaurant by producing different types of foods to customers. For example, from sea food to nasi goreng, and kweteo basah. Stand out from competitors Mr.Lim well known as possible for how to run his restaurant outshine from the competitors. Mr.Lim said some restaurant do their business without knowing their basic knowledge of business but for Mr.Lim well known to how run his Sea Food Restaurant in local. Next, pool of skilled employees Sea Food Restaurant so far doesnt have any pool of skilled employees. For avoid this kind of things Mr.Lim keeping good employees determines business success. Fourth questionnaire I had is morale of the employees is quit high for Mr.Lim restaurant. This because, every person has different reasons for doing their job. Sea Food Restaurant has different reasons for doing their job. Sea Food Restaurant has strong brands to their restaurant and nowadays current concept of brand grew not in of the buyer packed goods with stronger. Weakness Based on questionnaires I had asked Mr.Lim said serves skills the employees. Sometimes, the employees will mistakenly write order of foods. So that, customers will complain about it. Next is the advertising reach to attract customers but for Mr.Lim Sea Food Restaurant so far no reach good advertising. Not only that, so far Mr.Lim able to attrack customers based on employees faith in management Mr.Lim said that it was employees during times will create a better working relationship with staff and improve productivity. For Sea Food Restaurant so far wants employees. Mr.Lim said so far his restaurant wants more employees to develop his restaurant. Opportunity Based on, advanced technology Sea Food Restaurant advanced with it. Mr.Lim restaurant got free WIFI connection for customers. This for attract more customers to his restaurant. Furthermore, Mr.Lim havent yet enter any new markets and he said as soon as possible will enter new market also. For that customer support he needs. Furthermore, Mr.Lim said for develop the business he faced financial problems. So that, Mr.Lim had gone to CIMB Bank, regarding to upgrade his Sea Food Restaurant business. By grow the business during recession, it takes long time get up and its a great way to interact with all his customers in open place. Otherwise, Mr.Lims favorable circumstance are that, view Sea Food Restaurant beside the seaside. Threats Based on threat Mr.Lim faced obstacles. In a particular day, his business will be very low cause of customers wills never turn up and also jealousy by another restaurant. Next, based on competition Mr.Lim will serve different kind of food based on the days. For example, Chinese mostly doing their wedding dinner in Sea Food Restaurant. So that time, Mr.Lim will provide different foods based on the reception. Mr.Lim sad if within 3lilometer have a star bucks coffee near the Sea Food Restaurant means is not cause Mr.Lims business. This because Mr.Lim restaurant is mainly about sea food and star bucks is only a coffee. So that, he dont so. Mr.Lim dont face any environmental effects because Mr.Lim restaurant in an open view. At last, Mr.Lim restaurant in a market demand. SEA FOOD RESTAURANT STRENGTHS The restaurant able to innovate? What makes your restaurant stand out from your competitors? Does your restaurant have a pool of skilled employees? Is the morale of the employees high? Does your restaurant strong brands? Weakness What do your customers complain about? Is the advertising effective? Is the restaurant able to attract talent? Do employees have faith in management? Do employees need for your restaurant? Opportunity Is your restaurant advanced in technology? Is our restaurant entering new market? Do you have gone to any banks regarding loans to upgrade the business? How do you grow the business? What favorable circumstance are you facing? Threats What obstacles do you faced? What is your competition doing? If within 5kilometer got star buck will reduce your restaurant? Do you face any environmental effects? Its that your restaurant in a market level? QUESTIONNAIRES 5.0 CONCLUSION SWOT Analysis managerial strategy are the income from side to side which companies complete their missions and goal. It is not basically sufficient to recognize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a business. In apply the SWOT analysis it is essential to reduce or keep away from both weaknesses and threats. Weaknesses are supposed to be look at in organize to change them keen on strengths. Similarly, threats are supposed to be rehabilitated into opportunities. Lastly, strengths and opportunities ought to be coordinated to optimize the potential of a firm. Applying Successful strategies address four basics of the surroundings within which the business operate. The full point of responsibility a SWOT analysis is to help you classify the mainly useful targets and strategies to follow right now base on your recent situation and to make out strategies that determination help you organize for the future. SWOT help to run a business in a good way in prospect. Further more, SWOT identifying our Strengths plus Weakness of investigative the Opportunities as well as also Threats tat we face. Over the long term, we are supposed to contain goals from every of the four quadrants for equilibrium. In the little phrase, we possibly will want to focal point on one or two quadrants to obtain advantage of several situations that we presently in front of.

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